Friday, January 29, 2010

Clothes War

My children do not want to wear the clothes that I want them to wear. Olivia is constantly taking her socks, shoes and bow off. One day last week we went out to do some errands, when I went to get Olivia out of the car I could not find her shoes anywhere. I knew that I had put them on her before we left the house. Well, this is what I found laying in the carport when we got home. Two pretty little gold shoes.

Ella is another story. She feels like she should dress "normal" everyday. When I ask her what normal is she says "like a rock star, all of the other kids dress like rock stars". I guess that the days of smocked dresses, mary janes and all of the other clothes that I love might be coming to a screeching halt soon. She may start dressing "normal" but their will be a big bow in her hair...maybe even two!


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