Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bibs and Birthday Party

I have always made Ella's Valentines, but this year she refused. I was disappointed because I enjoy crafty projects. So in an effort to compensate for not making Ella's Valentines ( I gave in and bought a box of icarly ones) I decided on Tuesday night that it would be a good idea to applique a bib for each baby in Olivia's class. I took bibs with me everywhere I went... Tigers game, car rider pick-up line and work. I finally finished them and I think they turned out cute.

I also made this Happy Birthday sign for Ashton's party.

Yes I know, this kid needs a brush.

The Birthday girl.


Maegan said...

Those bibs are so cute!! You did a great job on the banner too!

Anonymous said...

Your so sweet making bibs for all the babies in the nursery! They are too cute! I planned on getting crafty for Daniel's party but then I got sick so that went out the door! Maybe next year!

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