Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Weekend

This has been a very busy weekend. Friday night I went out for a girls night with a group of friends. We went to see Dear John and then to Huey's to eat. The movie was not as sad as I had thought it would be and I must say I was slightly disappointed because I kinda wanted to cry at a good movie... think P.S I Love You kinda crying. Anyway, we had lots of fun and decided that we need to do it more often. Friday morning I had the wonderful idea that while I was out Ken and Ella could make a pizza together, so I went to the store and got everything they needed. Ken was lucky and got out of that one because Ella's friend Kaitlin and her dad came over (Kaitlin's mom was out with me). So instead of the wonderful pizza making experience I had envisioned he opened a can of Chef-Boyardee.

Saturday Ella was invited to a birthday party for her friend Aaron at Chuck-E-Cheese. This is not my favorite place to visit on a Saturday, but the party was a lot of fun. Usually you are rushed to eat, open gifts and play in the allotted time, but it seemed very relaxed. My other problem with Chuck-E-Cheese is I usually end up watching kids that belong to people I do not know. Maybe it is the daycare worker in me.

After the party we went home to put our Memphis Tigers clothes on so we could go to the basketball game. I am always surprised at how much Olivia likes to watch it. She stares at the court the majority of the time. Ella on the other hand wants to go walk around and try to find people she knows. Ken gave in during halftime and took her to see her teacher. The rest of the time Ella says things like ...
Is it almost over.
Can I have some cotton candy.
How many more minutes.
I want some ice cream.
Is it break time yet.
Needless to say we don't take Ella to the game often.

Saturday night we had a sunday school fellowship. So we rushed home after the game to make mac-n-cheese and sausage dip. All of the food was so good. I ate way too much which affected my scale this morning (some of my family members are doing our own Biggest Loser contest, Ken is winning, so if you see him offer him lots of cake and ice cream).

I can't wait until I have a weekend when I have nothing to do... maybe in about 20 years.


Natalie said...

It was a really busy weekend wasn't it?! But it was so much fun friday and Saturday! I have been thinking of those potato wedges and I will be getting some tomorrow! Our group can really throw a pot luck with some yummy food!

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