Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ella as Belle and Weekend Review

I finally got my low key weekend, well kinda. Ken has been working on Saturdays for the last few weeks, so it has just been us girls. This Saturday Ella wanted to make a cookie in her Easy-Bake oven and have a tea party. After trying on several "scratchy" costumes she settled on Belle and a wig. She has had this costume for a long time but she just got the wig from my parents for Christmas. Maybe we should let her hair grow out?

Saturday night we went to the Tigers game...we pulled out a "W" as Pastner would say. I am a little sad that there are only 2 more home games. Ken's mom and dad buy us season tickets for Christmas each year. I think this year we might try to buy 2 more for Ella and Olivia.

I must be ready for spring/summer because today I dressed Ella and Olivia in spring clothes and I even put big floppy beach hats on them. Sorry no pictures. My dad grilled out for lunch (he does this throughout the winter so this isn't part of my spring/summer readiness) but then we made homemade ice cream (this is the readiness part). It was delicious. I may or may not have gone back for seconds.

This week I lost another pound, 11 total. Ken also lost another pound, that makes 17 for him. Neither one of us feel like we have lost anything. Honestly, I feel like I am eating more now than I was before (the hamburgers and ice cream aren't helping any).

Oh, how could I forget, we are finally connected... to the Internet that is. Yes, I am finally able to blog from the comfort of my own home. So congratulations to us. It only took 2 days and 2 AT&T technicians, but it has finally happened.


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