Thursday, February 25, 2010

I "heart"...

I am participating in this weeks I "heart"... at You and Me Plus Three. Go there now to add yours and read others!!

I "heart" painting little toe nails.

I "heart" hearing Ella read.

I "heart" Ken washing dishes and putting away clean clothes - the things I don't "heart" doing.

I "heart" my mom cooking dinner.

I "heart" clean sheets.

I "heart" Olivia sleeping through the night.

I "heart" making plans with friends.

What do you "heart" today?


Crystal said...

Love them!! Those are great!!

I also heart painting little toe nails!! & my hubby helping clean too. That's a good one. Not all husbands help with those. We are blessed!!! =)

Thanks for participating!!!

Maegan said...

those are so sweet. i hope oneday i will be able to paint little toe nails too!

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