Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Straight From Ella

Okay, so Ella has said some funny things lately. Here are just a few.

-Ella was swinging at the park on Sunday when a little Hispanic girl started swinging next to her. Ella looked at the girl and said "Gracias". At least she said a real Spanish word. Usually she just makes them up.

-When we were walking into dance on Tuesday I said "Oh no, I forgot Olivia's juice and pacifier". Ella said, "That's okay you can just milk her". I think you can figure out what she meant. Then she followed up with "but you don't want everybody to see your boobies". I am so happy that no one was around to hear her, but now I have shared with all of you...oh well.

-Today, when I was cooking dinner, Ella asked if we were made out of sand and if "brown people" were made out of dirt. I told her that God makes everyone and he makes us all special and different. She said "No, remember God made Steve out of dirt and Eve out of bones from his side" (she always messes up and calls them Steve and Eve). I guess she was thinking that God must use different "materials" to make people different colors.

-This happened a few weeks ago and I have shared it with lots of people, but I wanted to put it here so I won't forget. One day when we were driving home from school Ella asked me why we can't hear God's voice. I thought for a second and told her that we don't hear God like we hear each other talk. I told her that when we pray we can sometimes hear God talking through our heart. She then said, "Oh, so when my heart's thump thumpin that's God talkin". Gotta love that! She is always asking me questions about God and Jesus. Most of the time I feel like my answer is way over her head, but I am glad she is thinking about these things and I pray that one day soon she will understand and make a very important decision in her life. But for now I will keep doing my best to answer her questions.


Maegan said...

she is too funny. i laughed out loud at eve and steve. that is great!!! it is so great that she loves the Lord already. you must be doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love those deep question they ask without any warning!
I laughed at the "you can just milk her" that is just too funny!

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