Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, Already?

I have been so busy this week doing nothing! This week has just flown by.

This morning I heard Ella in her room making a list of potential careers.
1. A Rock Star.
2. A Princess.
3. The Queen of England.
Hey, a girl can dream, right.

I had to run some errands tonight and when I got home Ella ran to greet me with some gifts she had made me while I was gone. I was gone a whole hour, but to my mommas girl it must have felt like an eternity. She is becoming a little crafty. She made a picture, a necklace, and she cut some ribbon to spell her name.

Olivia has been running a fever today. I am hoping that it is just from the tooth that she is getting. She is acting like her normal, happy self, so hopefully it is the tooth.

I hope that everyone's week is going great...the weekend is almost here, yay!


jenn said...

so cute :o)

hope olivia is feeling better!!

Jason said...

Her list of careers is better than Kates. She went from wanting to be an ice skating astronaut to being a tattoo girl. She says I can build her shop for her.

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