Monday, March 29, 2010


Ella: What are we gonna do on Friday when we are out of school.
Me : I don't know. I was kinda wanting to go to Tunica.
Ella: Oh no Momma! You don't need to go to Tunica. God doesn't want you to go there. I have seen the commercials and they take your money there.

If you don't know, Tunica is in Mississippi and they have a lot of casinos. They also have an outlet mall with a Gap. I was meaning that I wanted to go shopping and Ella thought I was gonna take us all to the casinos. I am glad that she knows that casinos take your money. Some adults might need to learn that lesson.


Maegan said...

haha... i laughed out loud. she is so stinkin' cute. i can just imagine you pushing a stroller, holding ella's hand, walking all of you through the casino! love it!

Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

Adorable! They are learning from an early age =) Your girls are absolutely beautiful btw!
I passed on a blog award to you today. Take a look at my latest post:

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