Friday, April 30, 2010

Katelyn's Dance Pictures

Tonight I had the pleasure of taking pictures for our friends little girl. She was having her first dance recital so they asked me to take some pictures of her in her costumes. Katelyn was hilarious. She would strike a different pose every time I snapped a picture. I am sure she was the cutest little dancer!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kindergarten's Got Talent

Ella has been practicing for the talent show that they are having in Awana's. The problem is that she can't decide what she wants to do. One day she wants to sing and then she changes her mind and wants to dance.

Last night as she was getting ready for bed she told Ken that she knew what Kiara's talent was (Kiara is a girl in her kindergarten class). Ken asked what her talent was and Ella said "tattling". I guess the girl must have some skills when it comes to snitching on people. I wonder how you would show that in a talent show.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Blankets, Notes In Church, and Sunflowers, Oh My!

I made my first baby blanket the other day! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The most difficult part was picking the fabric to use. I usually have an image in my head of how I want the finished product to look, but finding the fabric that goes along with that image is often impossible. This blanket was for my friend Natalie who is expecting her second daughter in June. I love the colors even though they don't look like "baby" colors. I really wanted to keep this blanket for myself. I think I will be making more of these very soon.

On Sundays during Church Ella usually writes or draws in a little notebook that I keep in my purse. She is typically very quiet. Today was no different until she showed me this...

I couldn't stop laughing. Ken started laughing. The people sitting behind us and next to us all saw it and started laughing as well. I hope that we weren't as loud as I think we were. (It says stinky feet, in case you can't decipher kindergarten "best guess spelling").

This afternoon Ella planted some sunflower seeds that we picked up from the $1 bin at Target. My sister bought these a few weeks ago and hers are growing like weeds (but lets hope they aren't weeds, it was the $1 bin after all)

Here they are all planted and ready to grow. Now we just need to remember to water them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As we were getting ready this morning Ella walked into my room with a flashlight held up to her head. She said, "you know what I'm doing, I'm trying to highlight my hair". I asked if she thought it would work, "not really, but I'm trying anyways".

I love this kid!

Monday, April 19, 2010


When Ella came home from school today she told me that some people that live in our country don't have money to buy food. She then said that she was going to take up donations and give them to people that needed it. I asked her who she thought might need some donations and she said "you know, hobo's". I must explain that we have never called someone in need a hobo, but she has been watching The American Girl movie Kit Kittredge and I think they say it. Anyways, she made a note for people to sign up if they lost their job or were retired and needed help.

And collected some items that she wanted to donate.

She also wanted to make sandwiches to give to hungry people. She said that we should put them in Ziploc bags to keep them from getting germs and that we should wear gloves when we make them (she is a little OCD about germs). I talked her out of making sandwiches tonight, but I told her that maybe we can find a place that we can volunteer and help feed people that are hungry. Does anybody know a place that is safe to take small children who want to help? I told her that we should find an organization that already exists and help them, but she said she wanted to start her own organization.

She has also been busy making invitations for Olivia's birthday party. She has probably made 15. She said she had to draw daisies so that everyone would know it was a daisy party.

She loves to write (if you haven't figured that out). She probably kills a tree a day with all the paper she uses.

And I just finished this outfit for Ken's cousin's little boy. It was different to make clothes for a little boy. All the fabric I kept picking out looked "girly"...wonder why?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 months

When I was taking pictures tonight I was certain that this was the only one that turned out.

There were many reasons why pictures didn't go so well. One of them being Olivia was hungry.

But I did get a few decent ones to share.

And a few outtakes.

It is getting harder and harder to take a picture of Olivia. She is just so busy. She has mastered walking behind something and pushing it (strollers, boxes, laundry baskets, anything). She is standing on her own a little longer everyday and is getting really brave at trying to take steps. We gave her milk yesterday for the first time. I think she likes it. She eats anything and everything...tacos, pizza, asparagus, ravioli, broccoli, the list goes on and on. The other day she got a bib, brought it to me, said "eat" and pointed to her highchair. The girl loves food. Olivia says lots of words. Some of her new ones are eat and thank you. She still has six teeth but I think a new bottom one is coming. Ella loves trying to teach Olivia and gets so excited when Olivia learns something new. Right now they are working on finding noses...I have a battle wound from that lesson, let's just say she found mine and decided she wanted it. Ella also helped teach her to love her baby. It is so sweet. Every baby should come with a 5 year old sibling, they are big helpers :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ella and Olivia

See Ella relaxing on the couch watching The Electric Company after school one day (she loves this show).

See Olivia grabbing at Ella.

See Olivia take the remote.

See Olivia turn off The Electric Company.

See Ella carry Olivia to the playroom.

See Olivia take Ella's notebook and hide under the table.

See Olivia laugh.

See Olivia return to bother Ella some more.

Anybody remember Dick and Jane books?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Update

Tuesday morning we received an offer for our house! As exciting as that sounds I was immediately saddened when I found out that the offer included Ella's playhouse.

I knew that I needed to talk to Ella and let her choose to sell her playhouse or not. I started the conversation by explaining that it was her choice and if she didn't want to sell it that we would just tell them that the playhouse was not for sale. Ella became hysterical, crying " I don't want to sell my playhouse, PopPop built that for me". She then ran to the playroom, wrote a note, went outside and taped it to the playhouse door.

Once I calmed her down I asked if it was okay to sell the playhouse if we got a different one at our new house. She thought about it for a while and decided that would be okay. Even though we love it, I really did not like the thought of taking that thing apart, storing it and then trying to put it back together again (PopPop agreed!).

None of this really matters though because once we counter offered (her offer was way out there) she rejected and did not make another offer. We are actually quite fine with it. We would like to sell our house, but we are in no hurry and we don't want to give it away. We cancelled the survey for now and will probably get it in a few months. I really feel like God worked it all out just like it was supposed to be. We have been trying to be content with what we have and I think we are getting a little help with that right now.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I am so happy today because we got an offer on our house. Well, kinda. I guess I should start at the beginning. About a year after we bought our house FEMA rezoned the flood maps, putting us in a flood zone. The way they zoned us required that we pay flood insurance which was escrowed into our mortgage. We were so upset. Even though our road dips a little in front of our house, our house is on a slight hill. We also have a huge drainage ditch past our back fence and several drains on our road. We have neighbors who have lived in their houses for 30+ years and have never had any flooding problems. We didn't really fight it at the time, just sucked it up and payed. Fast forward to this weekend. A realtor showed our house to a single mom on Saturday who loved it. She came back for a second showing today and they wrote up an offer. Right before they sent it to our realtor the bank called and said that she would have to be approved for more $$$$ to pay for flood insurance for the life of the mortgage. She could not get approved for the extra amount :( We have decided to hire a private company to come do a survey of our property to determine if we are truly in a flood zone. We have been told that sometimes FEMA takes a little liberty when zoning. The surveyor said that their results differ from FEMA quite often. So please pray that everything will work out. We know that God has a plan, even if we don't know what it is right now. I like to think that the plan is to get a good survey and sell our house to this lady and her little girl... and if God wants FEMA to reimburse us for all the money we paid in flood insurance, who am I to argue.

In other news my sister and her boyfriend have challenged me and Ken to run a 5K in the fall. We have started running which in the past consisted of "okay I will try to run from one mailbox to the next" huffing and puffing the whole 15 seconds. Tonight I didn't set a goal of a mailbox or street that I would stop running at, we just ran. Every time we came to an intersection I was secretly hoping that a car would come and we would have to stop and wait for it to pass and would you believe that we didn't see any cars at intersections. We didn't even have to stop to wait for the light to change so that we could cross a busy street. How about that. When we got home Ken drove the distance that we ran and I was surprised it was a mile. It might not sound like very far for some people but I sure am proud.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Brimhall's

I have known the Brimhall's for a long time. Melissa and I work together and they also go to our church. They actually lead the Awana group at church which all the kids LOVE. I was excited to get to take pictures for them ( I enjoy/need the practice). Here are some of my favorites.