Monday, April 19, 2010


When Ella came home from school today she told me that some people that live in our country don't have money to buy food. She then said that she was going to take up donations and give them to people that needed it. I asked her who she thought might need some donations and she said "you know, hobo's". I must explain that we have never called someone in need a hobo, but she has been watching The American Girl movie Kit Kittredge and I think they say it. Anyways, she made a note for people to sign up if they lost their job or were retired and needed help.

And collected some items that she wanted to donate.

She also wanted to make sandwiches to give to hungry people. She said that we should put them in Ziploc bags to keep them from getting germs and that we should wear gloves when we make them (she is a little OCD about germs). I talked her out of making sandwiches tonight, but I told her that maybe we can find a place that we can volunteer and help feed people that are hungry. Does anybody know a place that is safe to take small children who want to help? I told her that we should find an organization that already exists and help them, but she said she wanted to start her own organization.

She has also been busy making invitations for Olivia's birthday party. She has probably made 15. She said she had to draw daisies so that everyone would know it was a daisy party.

She loves to write (if you haven't figured that out). She probably kills a tree a day with all the paper she uses.

And I just finished this outfit for Ken's cousin's little boy. It was different to make clothes for a little boy. All the fabric I kept picking out looked "girly"...wonder why?


Maegan said...

i love the outfit! you did a great job.

ella is too sweet. she has such a kind heart. she must have a good mommy :)

that is funny about the hobo thing because will says it too and i know he hasn't heard me say it. i blame tv.

Anonymous said...

That outfit is really cute! I am wanting to learn how to do appilque(sp?) but have the slightest clue where and how to begin. That will be my next project after we move.

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. I especially love the invitation. Too cute!

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