Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs Galore

We have been so busy the last few days. The other night I got Ella and Olivia to help me put candy in all the plastic eggs. Olivia kept trying to get the fruit snacks in there.

Ella really liked helping. Maybe it's because she has a candy obsession.

I guess she finally gave up on the fruit snacks and decided to try her bow. Did anybody find a pink bow in their egg?

This was also the first year that we dyed eggs. Ella had fun writing secret messages and watching them appear.

This is what Ella's eyes will look like for the next few months...allergies, ugh!

Sadly, these beautiful eggs made their way right to the trash can. Now I know why people don't use real eggs anymore, they stink!

Friday morning we had an Easter Egg Hunt with some friends from work and church. Ella and Olivia wore the dresses I made. Olivia's dress went together easily, but I had some trouble with the armholes on Ella's dress. Luckily my mom was able to help.

I took lots of pictures so I decided to make collages. This is all the kids that came to the hunt.

The kids played on the playground while some of the parents hid eggs.

Then it was time for the real fun. We had a ton of eggs, so it took a while to find all of them.

Everyone enjoyed opening their eggs and seeing what they got. I made 10 eggs prize eggs and let the winners pick what they wanted from a big gift bag. We also had doughnuts and juice.

I wanted to get pictures of all the kids in each family, but I only managed to get this one. Aren't they cute?

I think the Egg Hunt was a big hit and the weather was perfect.


Kelly said...

cute dresses!

Natalie said...

We had so much fun! Thank you, and Ken and Shea for doing so much work to make sure the kids had a great hunt! It was perfect!

Anonymous said...

I hate I wasn't able to be there but I am glad my kids still got to participate! They talked about it all day long! Sounds like it was a huge hit!

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