Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Update

Tuesday morning we received an offer for our house! As exciting as that sounds I was immediately saddened when I found out that the offer included Ella's playhouse.

I knew that I needed to talk to Ella and let her choose to sell her playhouse or not. I started the conversation by explaining that it was her choice and if she didn't want to sell it that we would just tell them that the playhouse was not for sale. Ella became hysterical, crying " I don't want to sell my playhouse, PopPop built that for me". She then ran to the playroom, wrote a note, went outside and taped it to the playhouse door.

Once I calmed her down I asked if it was okay to sell the playhouse if we got a different one at our new house. She thought about it for a while and decided that would be okay. Even though we love it, I really did not like the thought of taking that thing apart, storing it and then trying to put it back together again (PopPop agreed!).

None of this really matters though because once we counter offered (her offer was way out there) she rejected and did not make another offer. We are actually quite fine with it. We would like to sell our house, but we are in no hurry and we don't want to give it away. We cancelled the survey for now and will probably get it in a few months. I really feel like God worked it all out just like it was supposed to be. We have been trying to be content with what we have and I think we are getting a little help with that right now.


Maegan said...

i am sorry that it fell through but, it sounds like it all worked out for the best.

beautiful playhouse! i wish my house was that cute!!

Ashlee said...

Buying and Building our first home was enough, I can't imagine trying to sell one! It will all work out!! are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Tim told me about Ella's letter the other day and it cracked me up! I don't blame her, anytime I have been to your house I have wished I was small enough to play in it :) It is a girl's dream house!
Keep your spirits up, if God wants to sell your house He will and it will be the best offer yet!

Natalie said...

I think it all worked out for the best! Your house is really nice and someone will want it and like you said you won't have to give it away!

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