Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bedtime Stories

I have lots that I wanted to post about tonight, but I only have a minute because I am engrossed in Angie Smith's book "I Will Carry You". Ken gave it to me today as an early Mothers Day gift (he was scared I would go buy it this week). It is so good and very sad. Even though I have read her blog for awhile and know her story I am still crying so hard that I can barely read the pages. You should read it!

I was putting some things away while Ken was getting Ella in bed, when I heard "P3-F8912 $95 with earrings P3-F8912EP $109 light skin, short blond hair with bangs..." Ella had asked Ken to read her the American Girl Doll catalogue as her bedtime story. She is developing a great love for these dolls, but seriously we have approximately 10 million books that she could have chosen from.


Natalie Catherine said...

yay for an early mother's day present!! hehe. howww adorable about your ella wanting her bedtime story to be the american girl doll catalogue. that was totally me growing up haha...except i would read it with a red pen and circle my favorites..hehe.

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