Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Week

Last week was so busy. We rearranged every room of our house except for our bedroom. We also had a showing this week, the first since around Easter. Plus I have been sewing some outfits for Ella, Olivia and Ella's doll. Then on top of all that Ella had 2 dance rehearsals downtown and her recital. Here are some pictures from the recital.

Her group danced twice in the show. Their first song was "Hunka Burnin' Love". It was really cute because they had a boy in the class so all the girls got to dance around him. The second song was "Radio City Music Hall"("Sing A Little Song Of Christmas"). Not my favorite, but it was still cute. I especially liked the pillbox hat.

Every time I would try to take a picture of Olivia she would look down. She is becoming a little bit stubborn :)

Hope everyone has a good week.


Maegan said...

awww, how fun. i hope the showings went well. the girls look precious, as always :)

Natalie said...

I love the hat too! Did they have two different outfits or did they just have different skirts? Hope you get some rest after being so busy!

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