Monday, May 17, 2010

Field Day

I have been meaning to post these for a week now and just haven't gotten around to it. Last Monday was Ella's field day at school. Of course it was pouring down rain, but they still had a good time having field day in the gym. I am going to miss this school year. I love Ella's teacher and she has some of the sweetest kids in her class.

I had lots of help with Olivia.

This is one of Ella's best buddies. She didn't join the class until after Christmas, but we are so glad she did. We are hoping that they are in each others class again next year.

The kids played lots of fun games. I think this was called trash. The object was to throw all of the trash across the net into your neighbors yard (trash included large pompoms, rubber chickens and big rings). Whoever has less trash in their yard when time is up is the winner.

They also had lots of relay races.

And this exhausting game called cranes and bulldozers. One team has to knock down the cones (they are the bulldozers) while the other team sets them back up (they are the cranes). This continues until time is up. Then they switch and the cranes become bulldozers and vice versa. Whoever has the most cones standing is the winner. I was tired just watching them.

This is Ella's other friend. Her mom is also my co-room mom. We have gotten to know them pretty well (they are in the same dance class as well). We would love for her to be in Ella's class next year too.

In other news, the insurance company decided to total Ken's car (remember the flood). It might not sound like it, but it really was a good thing. On Sunday we became the proud new owners of a Honda Odyssey. My parents actually bought a new Odyssey and we bought their old one. We love it! And can't wait to go on vacation in it.


Jason said...

That is a great picture of the two of you. Congrats on the mini van, I know you went back and forth on what to do.

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