Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Water Problems & Teacher Gifts

So Saturday morning I woke up around 5:00 in the morning because I could hear the loud rain outside. I just so happened to go to the front window to look outside and I was shocked to see this...

Yes, that is Ken's car under all that water. The good news is that even though the part of the street in front of our house totally flooded our house didn't even come close to getting wet. We are so blessed that it was only his car that received damage, so many others have lost everything. I still believe that our house is not truly in a flood zone, but I am now thankful that we are forced to buy flood insurance. Just in case. We spent the better part of our Saturday attempting to dry out the car. Unfortunately we were just wasting our time. Everything was soaked. Now we are waiting on the insurance company to decide what to do. We have comprehensive coverage on both cars so flooding is covered.

My sister-in-law had made a very cute door hanger for her front door and I just had to copy her. I decided to make one for Ella's teacher for teacher appreciation this week. I also made one for the teacher across the hall (they do a lot of activities together). And of course I had to make one for myself. I told Jessica what I was going to do and she wanted to make some as well. So Saturday night (while all the tornado sirens were going off) we went to Hobby Lobby to get everything we needed. I really like how they turned out and it was super easy.

And here is an update on our sunflowers. They are GROWING!


Kristin said...

Oh no about the car thats terible at least the house was ok and that your car is covered. The door hangers are so cute.

timlinzrowland said...

Love the door hangers! If I find time I may copy the idea too!
Maybe just maybe Ken's car will be totaled and insurance will give you more than you thought you could ever get for the car and you then can get you a mini-van! Hey it happened for us!

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