Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's A Big Girl Now

The other day Olivia finally graduated to a forward facing car seat.

She was a little confused at first.

But then she started to kind of like it!

And then she decided that facing forward was really great and was something worth clapping about!

Of course Ella wanted to have her picture taken in her seat too.


Anonymous said...

Olivia looks exactly like you! I can totally see it in these pictures. Love Ella's natural posing. Yay for big girl car seats!

Anonymous said...

I was bad and moved David up sooner since he had reflux so bad. He would scream the entire time we were in the car until I turned him around at around 10 months. I think he may have gotten a little motion sickness being backwards. Love the picture of Olivia clapping... so sute!!

jenn said...

my boys loved it the first time they got a big boy seat!!!

great milestone!!

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