Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Does It Mean?

I wanted to title this post "She's Bringing Sexy Back", but Ken wouldn't let me.

That's right, my little girl asked me what sexy meant. Now that she can read pretty much everything, her world has been opened to new things that she hasn't heard before. I am still not sure where she saw that word but she did tell me that she called somebody sexy today. I asked her what she thought it meant and she said that it meant pretty. I told her she was kinda right, but that it wasn't appropriate for her to say. She wanted to know if she could say it when she is a teenager. I told her that she wasn't ever allowed to say it again :) We also had a nice talk about only saying words that we know the meaning of.

I am a little surprised (and happy) that she came to me. She has always been terrified of saying anything that I may think is a "bad" word. When she was 3 or so, I would tell her if she said ugly words I would wash her mouth out with soap. On one occasion she wanted to know what kind of soap I would use (liquid or bar). She was debating if saying her chosen word would be worth it depending on which soap I would use. Of course I told her that I would use both kinds, and we have never really had a problem with ugly words. (By bad words and ugly words I am talking about stupid, shut up, butt and so forth... nothing terrible...just not allowed in our house.) And for the record I have never put soap in her mouth!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the fun begins. Drew asked me that same question a couple of years ago and my answer was pretty much the same as yours. (of course!)

Nathan is a big fan of saying those naughty words you listed and he *has* had soap in his mouth. It was worth it to him though.

He has gotten so much better now that he is in daycare. I have people to back me up on my rules now!

Ella is such a good girl. I know you are so proud. :)

Alex Murphy said...

It is so funny that you posted this because I was just at the neighborhood walmart looking at the redbox and saw a move called bad"bottom" , I think you know what I mean! And I thought to myself "What in the world will I do one day when I have a child who can read and wil say to me "Momma, what is a bad"bottom"?? " Well, now I have some good responses!!
Oh I totally got my mouth washed out with soap for those above listed bad words!

Maegan said...

Those same words are "bad" in our house. At least she asked. Mine would have just said it, then hoped I wasn't there to hear.

Anonymous said...

Daniel has read the word off my Big Sexy Hair spray and I told him it just meant cool. Then he heard it in the Kenny Chesney song "she thinks my tractor's sexy" and again I told him it menat cool. Both boys have had their mouth washed out with soap for saying those potty words plus poop, and any other words that go along with those. That doesn't even help though they think they are just too funny to say! I know it is a boy thing but it can really embarass a mom when your inside a quiet bank or any where else for that matter.

Anna said...

I have that hairspray too and I bet that's where she saw it.

Natalie said...

Katelyn picked up sexy from a laundry detergent commercial about a year ago and now the swiffer commercials have the song with sexy in it.

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