Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Visit

We made it back home this afternoon from our big visit with family. I had intended to post while we were at my grandparents house, but I was having trouble keeping an Internet connection. So instead you get one giant post.

My grandparents church always puts on a big fireworks show each 4th of July. This year was no different. They had lots of food, inflatables, puppet shows, and of course fireworks.

Ella has been having some breathing problems the last few days so she had to sit in the car to watch the fireworks. The smoke was just too much for her. Olivia loved the fireworks and kept pointing at them... until she lost interest and fell asleep.

We also visited the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and Museum.
(Please excuse the odd look on Ella's face, she had just turned to give me a hug and ran right into my camera and the fact that she was terrified of the Babe Ruth statue I put her next to.) That's my sister in the picture with Ella.

Olivia loved the little bats they give you at the end of the tour, but you better stay out of her way. Those things may be small but they still hurt.

I was trying to kiss Olivia on her cheek, but she turned just in time to lick me, nice!

On Sunday we went to Churchill Downs to watch the horse races. My aunt's company has a suite and she was able to get tickets for everyone.

My grandad gave all the kids $2 to "vote" on a horse, as Ella says. Ella actually picked a winning horse (Hula) and won $6.20. Then she picked Mykindacandy (go figure) and won $3.80.

Then we went down to the Junior Jockey Club and played Bingo. Yeah, they really push the gambling on them when they are young. She did win a stuffed horse.

I was looking at pictures that I took this time last year and it is amazing how much Ella and Olivia have changed in a year. Maybe I will post some of those pictures later this week.


Kristin said...

I love all the outfits Im glad yall had a great 4th

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! That's awesome that Ella won...twice! As always, your girls are gorgeous. It was nice to see a picture of you and Ken in there, too! Glad you guys had a fun and safe trip.

Jason said...

Looks and sounds like you had fun. I want to go next time.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, memory-making trip! I'm glad you guys had such a great time. I love the pic of Olivia giving you a big wet one. I've gotten plenty of those from Austin. ;)

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