Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Look

When I got online today I had a little message saying that my blog background was being removed (something about updating servers). I needed to change things up anyway, so it was perfect timing.

I get very anxious when I am trying to pick a new background.

I am not sure why. I can pick a paint color for any room of my house in a matter of minutes, but a background for a blog that is seen by only a handful of people, that takes all night.

I am also well aware that you are probably tired of seeing the pictures that I chose for my new header. Seriously, I used them in our hallway, for Olivia's 14 month update and now my header. Frankly, I have just been too lazy and unmotivated to take new pictures, so these will have to work for now.

I am not sure if I am totally satisfied with the way things look yet, so it may change in the next few days. Or not... remember I am lazy and unmotivated!


Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

It looks cute! I like your header 2! ;-)

Maegan said...

i love the new set up! and i am not tired of those pictures. they are precious :)

Jason said...

Use a picture of Ken in your header.

timlinzrowland said...

My opinion.....the pictures of your girls are too cute not to use alot! I like the new look too. I might need to refresh my look also but Wordpress is limited in what you can do. Plus I will wait until Adeline gets here and then I can use some pictures of all 3 of my kids (wow that sounds weird)!

Clayton said...

I love the header. The pictures are my favorite thing on here. Don't get me wrong I love the stories also but I am kinda biased I love seeing pictures of my two favorite nieces. Anna you are a great photographer. Give my love to the girls.

Dee said...

I agree with everyone! The pictures are way too cute no to use as many times as possible. The new background is cute, too. Love it!

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