Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting Our Hallway

Yesterday I had to go to an oral surgeon to get a tooth extracted. It was a tooth that I had a root canal on about 10 years ago that never was quite right. The root canal was a horrible experience and worsened my fear of dentist. Since then I have switched dentist to someone that I really like! He is fixing all the previous work that was not done correctly. He referred me to an oral surgeon to just go ahead and pull this tooth. Me being the chicken that I am requested to be put to sleep for the simple procedure. The nice oral surgeon also gave me a Valium to take prior to the visit. Boy did that ever work. That thing made me feel so funny. The tooth was removed, no problem.

After I took a little nap at home I woke up thinking that I should paint our hallway. Picking paint colors and painting might not be the best thing to do after taking Valium, being put to sleep, and taking Lortab.

Hallway Before:

Hallway After:

But I still like the colors today and it was probably one of my neater paint jobs. So I guess taking drugs + being put to sleep = home improvement for me.


Maegan said...

love the color and i want that table! i am sorry about your tooth. i am having one pulled wed. that same thing happened to me... have a great weekend. i hope you aren't in any pain.

Anonymous said...

I laughed not that you had to have a tooth pulled but that you painted after having a tooth pulled. I love the colors though, they look really good! You know me and my painting maybe a valium might help me be a neater painter!

Natalie said...

Since I have a whole living room worth of your painting I can say you are an amazing painter and you did a great job in the hall!

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