Thursday, July 15, 2010


Olivia had her first popsicle the other day. Well, it wasn't her real first popsicle, but it was the first one that she actually liked.

Yesterday Ella and I were working on some math. I was sitting close to her trying to explain how to add bigger numbers like 23 + 17. The following conversation took place.
Ella: Are you close to my ear?
Me: Yes.
Ella: Are you really close to my ear?
Me: Yes.
Ella: Are you really, really close to my ear?
Me: I guess.
Ella: Then get back I don't want to catch an ear infection.

That is classic Ella. Terrified of germs and pretty much anything that might require a doctor visit. One of her latest fears involves milk... if I don't drink enough milk I will shrink when I get old, does it hurt to shrink, I don't want to shrink but the milk might be old and make my tummy hurt, did Granny Fanny shrink when she got old, I miss Granny Fanny, why did she have to die, she should have lived until she was 100 (crying hysterically), I wish I could have seen her one last time...and it goes on and on.


Anonymous said...

The ear infection story is so funny! And the questions sound just like my boys on the way to town. They go from one thing to the next without taking a breath.

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