Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Vackashen

So she may have left out the word "want" and she might have spelled "vacation" wrong, but I know what she meant and I totally want a "vackashen" too!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fun Afternoon

The weather here has been so nice the last few days. We decided to take advantage of it by taking a trip to the zoo. Ella was so surprised when I picked her up from school and told her about our plans. Ken even left work a few minutes early and met us by the gorilla's. We were pretty much the only people at the zoo, gotta love that.

We watched the sea lions for awhile.

Ate a banana.

And drank a juice box.

Once we left the zoo we decided to go to Huey's for dinner. I couldn't wait to eat a yummy steak stick dinner. As soon as our drinks were brought to our table that banana Olivia ate at the zoo decided it didn't want to stay in her tummy anymore. Yep, Olivia threw up all over the place! Ken took her outside quickly as I apologized repeatedly to our waitress and tried to clean up the giant mess. Good times.


I'm glad she didn't do it in the car.
I'm glad she didn't get it all over me. (Poor Ken...both times!)
I'm glad she feels better today.


Aren't you glad I didn't take pictures!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spelling Test

We are so proud of this girl!

Do you see that grade on her first spelling test?

That's right, her first real grade in her school career and she got a 100!

Sure she has gotten graded papers before, but in kindergarten you only get a + or -. They don't start to give letter or number grades until 1st grade.

Her teacher gives the spelling test on Friday's but does a pretest on Wednesday.
If you get a 100 on the pretest you don't have to take it again on Friday, but instead you get 5 new words called Amazing Words. These words are harder than the regular words, but for each one you get right she adds a point to your test grade. Ella is practicing hard to turn that 100 into 105! Wish her luck.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What A Cutie!

Olivia was being so funny this afternoon, I had to get my camera and take a few pictures. I may be a little partial, but isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen!

This is her surprised face. She makes it when my phone rings, the dog barks or someone knocks on the door.

Look at all those teeth. I am not sure how many she has because she bites my finger when I try to feel and she won't open up long enough for me to count. I am thinking at least 12 though.

I love this little outfit. It makes me sad to think that next year she will be too old to wear things like this.

This next picture makes me laugh. I guess I should explain...we only give Olivia her pacifier when she is taking a nap or going to bed. Well, the other day she found a pacifier in Ella's room that goes to one of her Cabbage Patch dolls. At first Olivia tried to put it in various dolls mouths, with no success. She finally gave up and decided that she would just put it in her own mouth. She thinks that she is pretty clever for getting around the pacifiers only while sleeping rule.

She has also discovered Ella's microphone. She goes around the house "singing" in it all the time.

Okay, so what do you think? The cutest thing you have ever seen, right?

Also, what do you think about the slightly larger pictures? Should they be bigger, smaller or do you like them like they are?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 Months

Today Olivia is 15 months old. Where does the time go? I promise I won't be doing these monthly posts when she is 46 months old, but for now she changes so quickly I don't want to forget anything.

Olivia still takes 2 good naps each day and sleeps from 8:30 until about 7:00. Her favorite foods are corn, pineapple, grapes, green beans, oranges, popsicles, yogurt, spaghetti, and macaroni & cheese. She isn't real big on eating meat, but she will sometimes eat chicken and hamburgers. We are working on learning animal names and sounds , but Olivia is proving to be very stubborn and likes to shake her head and say "no". We are also working on saying please and thank you, but we get the same head shaking results. Sometimes I wonder if she even knows her name because if you ask her she will say "Ella". I am hoping that she is really saying Olivia, but it just sounds like Ella. Her favorite activity is going into a room, shutting the door and waiting for us to find her. She will just sit behind the door and giggle. She is such a funny little girl and is always so happy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ella's New Sister

I just love how Ella's mind works.

The following conversation took place the other day.

Ella: Did you know that me and Amelia are sisters?
Me: No your not.
Ella: Yes we are, because God is my Heavenly Father, and He is also Amelia's Heavenly Father so that means we're sisters.
Me: Well, I guess your right.
Ella: But who is our Heavenly Mother?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ella's Birthday

I got out of order a bit when I posted the first day of school, so I am backing up a little to Ella's birthday party.

Ella got so many nice presents... Twinkle Toe Sketchers, Pillow Pet, money, books, Zhu Zhu pet car, things for her American Girl Doll and many more wonderful gifts. We had a few girls spend the night. It was our first sleep over experience and I would say it went pretty well. I think it was difficult for Ella to divide her attention between all the girls, so maybe next time we would try 1 or 2 girls. They painted nails, watched a movie, had a fashion show and played. When we woke up Saturday we went swimming at our friend Dianne's house. They had such a good time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day Of First Grade

Ella was so excited about going back to school today. She was being goofy before we left so I didn't get a real good picture of her.

This is her teacher. She is so sweet. We already love her.

When she got home and I looked through her things, I saw a note that her teacher wrote... "Ella was so careful about accepting a snack from me today. She knew you told her not to take food from others, but she thought it was OK since it was packaged up." That's my girl, worried about germs and taking food from "strangers".

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ella!

Six years ago today we welcomed a little, 5 pound 8 ounce, baby girl into the world.

After a 13 day NICU stay we were finally able to bring her home.

(Yes, she was giving us the bird in that picture. I guess she wasn't a fan of the NICU.)

We have watched her grow and change over the years.

And now that tiny baby girl is an energetic, fun, sassy, smart, beautiful, sweet, talented, caring, 46 pound, 6 year old.

Happy Birthday Ella! We love you so very much.