Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day Of First Grade

Ella was so excited about going back to school today. She was being goofy before we left so I didn't get a real good picture of her.

This is her teacher. She is so sweet. We already love her.

When she got home and I looked through her things, I saw a note that her teacher wrote... "Ella was so careful about accepting a snack from me today. She knew you told her not to take food from others, but she thought it was OK since it was packaged up." That's my girl, worried about germs and taking food from "strangers".


Kristin said...

Thats funny Glad she enjoyed first grade as always cute outfit

Maegan said...

hilarious!!! i love that she was concerned about the food... mine have been known to eat off the floor and out of the dog bowl :)

Anonymous said...

so hard to believe she is in first grade!! I hope you held up ok and weren't too emotional!! I did better than I thought I would!

Goosegirl said...

Happy first day of first grade and happy birthday to Ella. Our girls are so close in age and birth date! And Ella is Ahnalin's favorite name. She has already told me that her first child will be named "Ella Rose". I think they would be great friends.

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