Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fun Afternoon

The weather here has been so nice the last few days. We decided to take advantage of it by taking a trip to the zoo. Ella was so surprised when I picked her up from school and told her about our plans. Ken even left work a few minutes early and met us by the gorilla's. We were pretty much the only people at the zoo, gotta love that.

We watched the sea lions for awhile.

Ate a banana.

And drank a juice box.

Once we left the zoo we decided to go to Huey's for dinner. I couldn't wait to eat a yummy steak stick dinner. As soon as our drinks were brought to our table that banana Olivia ate at the zoo decided it didn't want to stay in her tummy anymore. Yep, Olivia threw up all over the place! Ken took her outside quickly as I apologized repeatedly to our waitress and tried to clean up the giant mess. Good times.


I'm glad she didn't do it in the car.
I'm glad she didn't get it all over me. (Poor Ken...both times!)
I'm glad she feels better today.


Aren't you glad I didn't take pictures!


Anonymous said...

What a fun beginning to an afternoon - the ending, not so much! I'm glad you all had a good time before the throwing up started. Is she ok? I hope she isn't getting the virus that seems to be going around in the toddler room. Love the outfits on the girls, they are so cute!

I appreciate you not posting pics of the vomit, but maybe just one on Ken covered in it would have been entertaining. Kidding, kidding!

Chelle said...

Well, the zoo sounded like a blast! So sorry dinner didn't work out for you :(

Hoping she feels better today & yay for no throw up in the car, lol!

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