Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ella!

Six years ago today we welcomed a little, 5 pound 8 ounce, baby girl into the world.

After a 13 day NICU stay we were finally able to bring her home.

(Yes, she was giving us the bird in that picture. I guess she wasn't a fan of the NICU.)

We have watched her grow and change over the years.

And now that tiny baby girl is an energetic, fun, sassy, smart, beautiful, sweet, talented, caring, 46 pound, 6 year old.

Happy Birthday Ella! We love you so very much.


Kristin said...

So sweet she still looks the same so cute happy birthday ella

Maegan said...

happy birthday ella!! i hope you have a wonderful 6th birthday!

i loved seeing her change over the years through the pictures! very cool :) and i am sure you get this all the time and don't want to hear it anymore but... she looks just like your husband :)

Jason said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!! I'm glad to share a birthday with you.

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