Thursday, September 9, 2010

Say Cheese

After school yesterday Ella wanted to take some pictures of Olivia. We headed outside armed with our cameras in hopes of getting a few good pictures. Olivia was so funny because she kept making all these silly faces and she also started to say cheeeeeese!

I think we might have to get Ella a real camera for Christmas. She really enjoys taking pictures, but I don't have the cord for the little camera she has been using so we can't ever print them off.

And isn't Olivia's dress so cute. She got it for a birthday present and it fits perfect now. I think it will be cute with a denim jacket too! (if cooler weather ever decides to come and stay awhile)


Candice Pair said...

I LOVE Olivia's dress! Where did you get it? And I think you totally wear it with a denim jacket when it cools off :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, her dress is so cute! I even said to Tracey while in the nursery, "I hope Anna takes pictures of Olivia in this dress for her blog!" I love it. And she really is a funny girl. She is so silly sometimes while I'm in there and it is so stinkin cute!

Maegan said...

her dress is so cute!! and the denim jacket would be precious :) your girls always look so cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I bought that dress! I got it at the children's place, I'm so glad it fits her so well now. I used to have to live vicariously through other people's girls, but not anymore! = )

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