Monday, October 18, 2010

17 Months

How is it possible that this little baby is now 17 months old?

Olivia is growing up to be such a sweet little girl. She is almost always happy and easy going. Some of her favorite words right now are eat, mom, dad, Bekah, Ella (she says this all the time!), duck, stinky (she says this every time she poops), toes, yellow, thank you, and cracker. She also likes to say 1,2,3 GO as she throws something. She has learned to point out her body parts (eyes, ears, nose, hair, teeth, tongue, mouth, arms, hands, fingers, leg, toes, feet and tummy). She likes to climb up into Ella's chairs and onto her table. She likes to write (scribble) and color. She really likes to be outside. She gives lots of kisses and will even give big hugs now too! She is at a really fun age where it seems like she learns something new everyday!

On another note, Ella had Farm Friday last week at school. We measured apples, made butter and sampled different kinds of apples with various dips. The kids were encouraged to dress in farm clothes. Ella had seen this fabric at the store and we thought it would be perfect for farm outfits. She really liked how it turned out. Of course I had to put e-i-e-i-o on Olivia's since she says it all the time.


Shea said...

As usual the clothes are SUPER CUTE! I can't believe she is that old either. I have found a new sewing blog that you need to look at. I think it may become my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Those are my very favorite outfits in the whole wide world.

And yes, Olivia is such a sweet little girl.

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