Friday, October 29, 2010

Honor Roll and Tutu Cute

First of all Ella made Principal's Honor Roll and got Perfect Attendance for the first grading period. We couldn't be prouder!

And I couldn't leave out this cutie. This week she has learned to throw a temper tantrum and has been exercising her right to do so! Although you can't tell from these pictures.

Where did my gourd go?

Oh, here it is!

We are almost ready for trick or treating, just a few things to finish up on their costumes (like making a shark look like a wolf, you will understand later). Ella is so excited about all the candy!


Kristin said...

So sweet and cute and thanks for the book suggestion Im going to get that today I hope Yall have a great halloween

Anonymous said...

LOVE Olivia's outfit! So CUTE!!!

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