Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm A Survivor

I have been trying to survive all of the different projects and events that have been going on around here lately. Between my sister's wedding, camping, and sewing I feel like I am always finishing a project just to start a new one.

For example. See all these dalmatian shirts...

Ella's school has Survivor day each year. It is a day full of fun activities to help promote teamwork. The students have to complete different task like building a bridge to escape from an enemy tribe. They collect gold after each activity and turn it in at the closing ceremony. They then compete together in tug-of-war with other classes in their grade. They make signs in Art class displaying their tribe's name and typically all wear the same color to show they are all in the same tribe. Ella's class was the dalmatians and her teacher thought it would be cute if they all had shirts with dalmatian spots on them. So the other room mom and me got busy sewing lots of spots. It took a lot of time but they turned out so cute.

Her teacher also wants to have class night out every so often throughout the year. Tonight we are all going bowling. Well, you can't go bowling without a pair of bowling pants.

My current project is dresses for Ella and Olivia to wear to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. Have I started yet? No. But they will be finished by Sunday (hopefully).


natalie said...

Girl, you are better than me! I would have sponge painted those spots on! They turned out really cute! Love the pumpkin patch material, can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

Cute shirts! You are the best room mom EVER! And Ella's bowling pants are awesome! That is just too cute. Can't wait to the the fall outfits for the pumpkin patch - I really like that material. You are a great mom! :)

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