Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Parade

On Saturday we went to the Christmas Parade that our town has every year. We got there early to get a good spot. The weather was cool, but very nice compared to years past.

While waiting for the parade to reach us (we usually sit near the end of the parade route) we were entertained by different people in the crowd singing Christmas songs. Ella got brave and sang "Go Tell It On The Mountain" in front of everyone, in a microphone!

The wind began to pick up and it got VERY cold. There really was no point in sitting in the freezing cold, listening to Ella say that she was sooo cold and wanted to go home. I mean it's hard to watch a parade when your face is buried in a blanket. So we went home, warmed up, took the kids to my parents house and still had time to make it to the basketball game! (Which was way more exciting for me and Ken anyway.)


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