Thursday, December 16, 2010

So Frustrating!

It is so frustrating when one strand of lights on your Christmas tree goes out. I feel like everyone who drives past our house is thinking "Wow, they need to put more lights on their tree". However, I refuse to take the decorations off, remove the strand of lights, put new lights on and then redecorate. I suppose we could close the curtains and then I wouldn't offend the people passing by with my halfway unlit tree. Next year I will buy all new lights and everyone will think "Wow, those lights are bright", they might just have to put their sunglasses on!


Ashlee said...

Matt and I got your Christmas card the other day. Those pics were great especially the one with Olivia leaning on Ella!

Anonymous said...

No one probably even notices that the strand is out. I am with you though I would live with the lights being out before I redecorated the tree to get it fixed.

jenn said...

oh sorry girl!
that is so frustrating!!

i'm sure no one notices from the road and if they do...oh well!
it gives your tree character, right?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anna - you crack me up. That is very frustrating, though, I agree.

Every time you feel bad about someone seeing your half-hit Christmas tree, just think about me in my pink sweat pants and you will feel much better about things.

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