Monday, February 14, 2011


This weekend we took Ella and Olivia to see Barney Live! Olivia loved it! She sat and watched and pointed and sang and danced. Of course Ella was too cool to act like she enjoyed it, but deep down I know she still loves that big purple dinosaur.


Anonymous said...

LOVE her picking her nose!! Hilarious!! I love their outfits. Shea showed me the one she made Sunday and I am NEEDING a sewing machine bad! My birthday is soon maybe I'll get one :) I have stacks of material and patterns and no machine to make them on.

Anonymous said...

Those are my favorite outfits so far - love the shades of purple and green. And how sweet is Ella's doll - they all match!

Glad you guys had a fun night rockin' out with Barney!

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