Monday, March 28, 2011

The Library

It's my fault, really.

I mean I should have known it wasn't going to end well when Olivia walked into the library yelling "library books, yay" and continued to talk in the loudest voice that I have ever heard come out of her.

We should have just turned around and walked right out of there, but I had told Ella that I would take her to find some new AR books and she was so excited. I hated to let her down. So we stayed. Walking around looking for the right book. Telling Olivia shhh, don't pull all those books off the shelf, stop shoving the books behind the shelf and shhh some more.

Ella was also very excited about getting her very own library card. After she made her final selections we made our way to the check out to get her new card. The lady behind the desk gave us the form to fill out and suggested that we have a seat at one of the tables while we filled it out. Like I said, it's my fault. I knew I was asking too much of my sweet little child to sit still while I attempted to get Ella a library card.

Then it happened.

Olivia got out of her chair and tried to go around the table to sit with Ella. As soon as she got out of the chair she ran into the corner of the table, which was so convienetly at eye level.

The screaming began. Then the awful looks and stares from every person in the library began.

To make things even more lovely when I picked Olivia up to comfort her (or put my hand over her mouth to get her to stop screaming and so people would stop staring) I suddenly felt really warm on my left side. Yes, she peed at that exact moment and not a drop stayed in her diaper. I had 3 shirts on and I could still feel it on my skin.

We were not leaving without those books. Olivia was still screaming, people still staring, I was soaking wet. And now Ella was pouting because I couldn't fill out the form for the library card.

What's that, lady behind the desk? My card needs to be renewed. Sure I will dig out my drivers license and verify all of my information. Do you not see my injured screaming child or my soaking wet clothes or my mad 6 year old who just wanted a nice trip to the library and instead got a circus side show?

The good news is that Ella read all 10 chapters of one of her books in less than 3 hours and I remembered why it has been so many years since my last trip to the library.


Natalie said...

Hilarious! My fave part? "What's that, lady behind the desk?" Ahh, they are so clueless up there!I am so glad I'm not the only one that feels like a traveling circus! Great story and very well written!

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