Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still Here

Just checking in to say I am still here.

We have had so many things happen in the last few weeks I don't really know where to begin. For starters we got our computer back, yay!

However 2 days later someone broke into our house and stole it along with 2 t.v.'s, all of my discs with pictures on them, our wii, a cell phone, 2 chargers, a surge protector, my Crock-pot, George Foreman Grill, a Quesadilla Maker, our vacuum cleaner and several other items. I have to say that our Police Department did a wonderful job and caught the guy a few days later. He was using the cell phone that he stole and they were able to track his movements. So now we are in the process of replacing things...I have really missed my vacuum cleaner! The good news is that Ken finally caved and bought me a MacBook Pro! I love it!

I promise I will get some pictures loaded soon and have lots of updates, even if it all feels like old news now (like our Disney trip I haven't been able to blog about yet).

Oh and in case you were wondering about all of my pictures that were on my stolen laptop and on the stolen discs, the company that fixed our computer still had all of our documents on their server so they put them on an external hard drive for us (for a hefty price, but it was worth it to have all the pictures back).


jenn said...

ive been MIA too!
i can't find my usb cord for my camera...i have so many pics to upload its ridiculous!!

Kristin said...

wow all I have to say is why in the world would they take the forman grill and a quesadilla maker and a vacuum r u serious I just dont understand Im glad they caught them. and that you got your pictures back

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