Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Did This Happen?

When did my little baby decide to grow up and become a big girl?

On Tuesday Olivia decided that she wanted to poop in the potty and that's exactly what she did! Since then she has consistently been using the potty. She has even used the potty at Target and at school. We really haven't tried to do this, in fact I had said I was going to wait until the summer to try, but Olivia thinks she is ready now.

I think this might be her favorite part...

And yes she is wearing panties!

Oh, and in case you hear Olivia say that she pooped on Abby, this is what she means (it's her little potty seat).


Anonymous said...

YAY Olivia!
"Pooped on Abby" that is funny!
It must be a second child thing because the same thing happened to me with David and also with my friend Jana's second child too. I tell people David potty trained himself but it is true..... he decide he wanted to do it and within 2 weeks we were accident free even at night. I hope my 3rd child is just as easy. I have heard that cloth diapering makes it easier

Anonymous said...

Who ever knew that someone sitting on the toilet could be so cute?! Such a big girl! :)

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