Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Olivia Party

We had Olivia's 2nd birthday party on Friday night.

Don't you think that an Olivia party is the cutest thing for my little Olivia?

I have to be honest and tell you that I really wasn't sure I would be able to pull all of my ideas together in time for the party (more on why in a later post), but with the help of my wonderful friend Shea, who did all the monograms and appliques for me and my wonderful husband who stayed awake lots of late nights with me, it all came together. Well, I did have to scrap one idea, but I'm okay with that.

I ordered the invitations from etsy. The lady was super easy to work with and I got the final copy less than 24 hours after I ordered them. I will order from her again I am sure!

This is the kids table. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It is just what I pictured.

We use this little table for crafts and homework. We also eat at it when I have all my sewing stuff on the kitchen table, which is often. The two cork boards usually hold all of Ella and Olivia's artwork. I originally wanted to cover them in different scrapbook paper, but it didn't look like I wanted so I used leftover fabric from some of the Disney outfits I made and it worked perfect. I liked it so much that I am looking for some fabric that matches the rest of my kitchen to have them covered all the time.

Shea monogrammed felt for me which I cut into triangles for the banner. I have always done the paper banners with my cricut, but I loved this one. I will probably hang it in Olivia's room, since her room is pink and red it will match good. Thank you so much Shea for all of the time you spent working on things for me.

Of course we had to have a rule of life, just like Olivia always does.

I really wanted a red cake stand, but couldn't find one anywhere. So on Thursday night I saw this black and white photo storage box at Hobby Lobby and knew it would work. I added a little red fuzzy trim with my trusty hot glue gun. It worked out perfect! Ken went to several Target's looking for the right stuffed Olivia for the top of the cake and I am so happy he found it. I just stuck a little wooden dowel up the back of her dress and put it right into the cake. Oh and don't worry about the cake sitting on a photo storage box, I put it on a cardboard cake circle first.

For party favors I decided to include a few of the things that Olivia is loving right now...bubbles, Cheetos, Ring Pops, Smarties, raisins, M&M's, and fruit snacks. I bought the little boxes several months ago. I put a little note in the box that said, "These are a few of my favorite things. -Olivia"

Aren't the little pig ear party hats the best. I would have been so sad if I didn't get them finished.

Some friends who joined the party (I didn't get a picture of everyone)...

The kids had fun bouncing and playing outside. The weather was so nice!

Olivia didn't get too excited about opening gifts. I think she really just wanted to go back outside to play. She got some really fun things like a swimming pool, colored bubbles, coloring books, movies, clothes and a trampoline (a present for her and Ella)!

She was so funny when it was time to blow the candles out. She didn't want to do it and when Ken picked her up to help her she covered her eyes.

I love all the decorations so much that I can't make myself take them down. If you come to my house in the next few months they will probably still be up.

At least until it's time for Ella's birthday!


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!!!! The pig hats are adorable! Love all the details of the party! Great Job!

Jason said...

The party was great. I know the Payne's really enjoyed themselves. The weather was great too.

Selina said...

Can you send me directions for those Party hats?? They are PRECIOUS! My daughter Olivia wants that Party!! :)

Jean Knee said...

so cute!

saw this on pinterest

Olivia said...

Adorable! Can you tell me from whom did you order your invitations @Etsy?
Thanks, they are so cute!

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