Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Are The Champions!

Ella had field day at school on Monday. It was pretty chilly outside so they had to do all the activities in the gym. Most of the events were relay style and sadly Ella's class did not win any of them :(

Ella and her wonderful teacher.

They had to wait to do tug-of-war until they could go outside.

Now let me explain, tug-of-war is the event that everyone wants to win. In the fall when they had Survivor Day, Ella's class came in second at tug-of-war. They were determined to redeem themselves and win this event.

Ella's teacher has been telling them to eat healthy meals, exercise, and go to bed early so that they would be ready.

She really wanted to win.

Well, today was the day they had been waiting for. Lots of parents and grandparents and siblings showed up to cheer their favorite class on.

Ella's class was so excited when the previous winner got out on the first round. You could tell that they gained a little confidence.

Then it was their turn. They breezed through round one and round two so easily.

Next up, the championship.

They were so happy when they won! They may not be the fastest class, but they are the strongest and know how to work together.

We have been so blessed to have wonderful teachers for Ella and such sweet classmates. It makes me so sad to see another school year come to an end.


Anonymous said...

That picture of their expressions after then won is priceless. Go team!!!!

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