Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Big Project

When we first moved in our house we were less than thrilled with the placement of the washing machine and dryer. They were in the kitchen on separate walls. The washing machine was behind the door leading to the carport and the dryer was around the corner in front of a window. We have always talked about knocking out the wall behind the washing machine and turning the storage room (which was on the other side of the wall) into a laundry room.

We only had one thing standing in the way of our new laundry room.

Ken and I are not handy AT ALL!

I am creative, can sew and take a decent picture, but I am not skilled in saws and hammers. Ken is good at sports and organization, but I wouldn't trust him with electrical work or knocking down a wall without supervision.

Lucky for us we have a great friend named Jason who can do just about anything. He also happens to have a great wife named Natalie that let us borrow him MANY nights and weekends.

We started the process months and months ago.

This is what the washing machine looked like before we started.

Here is a run down of everything that we (Jason, Ken, my dad and me) did.
Move the electrical box
Move the hot water heater to the attic
Redo the plumbing
Change the existing door
Sheetrock and mud (oh how I hate sheetrock)
Continue the kitchen tile into the new room
Trim work

That may not seem like a lot when you type it in a list, but let me tell you it took forever and you know nothing is as simple as it should be.

Oh yeah, while we worked on the project I couldn't use my washing machine.


But it was all worth it and I couldn't be happier.

Here are some in progress pictures...

And this is my laundry room today. We bought the stacking washing machine and dryer back in November, but didn't stack it until we moved it in here. The pictures aren't the best.

We finished the laundry room like 2 days before Olivia's party (remember how I almost didn't get everything done, this was why).

As happy as I was with my new laundry room, there was still a project that I wanted to tackle.

Painting our kitchen cabinets.

And I really wanted to do it before Olivia's party.

That didn't happen.

We did however start it a few weeks ago.

Here are the lovely cabinets after we took down the doors and removed the hardware.

After painting the cabinets. One coat primer, 3 coats paint and primer in one, sanding between coats. We decided not to paint the inside.

Some might say it looks tacky or unfinished this way.

I'm calling it "custom".

We did paint both sides of the doors. One coat primer, 2 coats paint and primer in one, sanding between coats.

Then wait 5 days, flip and repeat.

After five more days they were ready to be hung.

Olivia liked helping my dad put on the new hardware.

Here are the finished cabinets...

Looking into my new laundry room. This is where the washing machine use to be.

When we removed the wall, the cabinet that remained was very damaged on the side. We had a great idea of cutting a piece of sheet metal to fit the side of the cabinet and then frame it out with some of the leftover quarter round. It serves as a little magnet board!

The view looking from the laundry room.

I finally took down Olivia's party decorations.

Last Night.

I also changed the fabric on the cork boards and changed our brown curtains to black.

We also rescued this bench from our neighbors trash.

I saw it thrown over their fence and had Ken go ask if they were throwing it away. They were so we snagged it.

All it needed were a few nails, thank you Jason.

I told you we are not handy.

We seriously tried like 4 times to put a nail in and we couldn't do it.

I also painted it black from the leftover paint we used on our front doors.

I really love it, especially since it was FREE!

So there you have it, our big project. I think I will go back to sewing and taking pictures now.


Natalie said...

Everything looks so good and I know you are glad it is finished! Since Ken is so good at organizing he can come over here and help me arrange things! Ya'll did some awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that is a bunch of work and it looks so awesome! I saw the washer and dryer in person, and that project came out great. But man, painting those cabinets made such a big difference. Your kitchen looks enormous now! Great job. :)

Jason said...

I am glad it is done and you are happy with it. The two of you are handy in your own way. I enjoyed doing the projects and practicing my skills on your house. The nail in the bench thing was funny, glad I could help. Thank you for being such great friends.

Anonymous said...

WOW Anna, This looks incredible!
Somehow your blog got erased out of my reader and I have been trying to catch up on all your posts tonight. I kept wondering why you haven't posted anything and then I clicked your blog link from my blog (instead of waiting for my reader to update it) and realized that it had gotten erased somehow.
Anyways....I think I am caught up now. Seems like forever since I have seen you....hope you are doing good.

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