Sunday, July 3, 2011

The One Where We Visit The E.R.

We have been out of town visiting my grandparents for the last few days in Louisville.

Last night at about 8:00 Olivia was walking up the stairs in front of Ken. She started to look like she was going to fall so he reached to grab her arm. When he did he heard and felt her left arm pop.

She cried a little and then was just kinda quiet for a while.

She wouldn't move her left arm.

We tried handing her things, throwing a ball to her, and asking her to give us five.

She wouldn't move her left arm.

We ate dinner and then decided that we should take her to the Emergency Room. We drove the 20 minutes to the new children's hospital and signed in.

I should add that I have never had to take my kids to the E.R. at home. The only two times that we have been to urgent care or the E.R. have been in Louisville and both were with Olivia (the other time involved a high fever last year).

We signed in and were taken back to a room. The people were very nice. Olivia picked out a movie (Tangled) and they brought her some stickers and a Mickey Mouse book.

Then the waiting began.

The Nurse Practitioner came in about the time the movie was ending and said that they thought that Olivia had nursemaid's elbow (when the bone comes out of socket) and that she was going to try to put it back in.

I decided I would wait in the hall. I can handle blood and vomit, but not things that involve bones.

I heard a little cry and decided I could go back in. She fell asleep soon after.

The "lady" as Olivia called her, came back in and said that she didn't think she got it back in and that she would have the Doctor come try.

Back in the hall I went. She was still asleep, but soon woke up. I heard a little cry and went back in the room.

She still wouldn't move her left arm.

The nurse said she would bring back some cookies to see if she would reach for them. She came back in the room with Goldfish. Olivia wouldn't move her arm. Then she said "I want cookies" . She had heard the nurse say she was going to get cookies. She left again and came back with graham crackers. Olivia reached her left arm out and took the cookies! I was so happy! Then she reached her left arm straight up and took the Goldfish!

She was back to normal. Playing with my bracelets and wanting my necklace.

It was just after midnight when we got in the car to leave. I was so glad to see her happy and smiling and playing again.

She is 100% back to normal today. And just to prove it here she is...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad she is scary! I just knew you were going to have a picture of her in a cast at the end of this post. So glad it isn't broken!
I am telling is something about the second kid.......they are the ones that break things, knock teeth out and so on.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's ok! That is so scary! I have never heard it called nursemaid's elbow. I learn something new every day!

I am the same way about bones. It just makes my stomach turn to see a broken bone or feel a pop. I was alone with Nathan last summer when they had to pop his wrist and forearm back into place, so I felt obligated to stay in the room. It was not pleasant.

On another note, the title on my blog post from last night started with "The One...." too. Samesies!!

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