Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucky Number 7

Today Ella turned 7 years old!

We celebrated with a party and sleepover last night.

Ella has been wanting Taylor Swift tickets, but they were sold out. What she didn't know was that we went together with Ken's parents months ago to buy 2 tickets. She was speechless when she opened up the card with the ticket.

She got lots of other things too, like makeup, a backpack, watches, jewelry, movies and candy. She also got some money and gift cards which she plans on using to buy a cell phone.

We were kinda tricked into the cell phone thing. She has been asking for a long time for one and we have always said no. One day she asked if she could save her money to buy one herself. Ken and I both said yes, thinking she would never save up enough to pay for a monthly cell bill. She excitedly said "Great, they have pay as you go phones at Target for $40".

What? How did she know that?

What's even worse is Ken signed a contract agreeing to the whole thing.

I have no clue who she is going to call.

The girls had fun painting nails, doing hair and make-up and eating ice cream sundaes.

We were going to put up a water slide, but the yard was too muddy from a downpour of rain. So the kiddie pool and sprinkler had to do.

For goodie bags I made all the girls a beach bag.

and my awesome friend Shea monogrammed the towels for me!

Happy Birthday Ella, we love you so much!


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