Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mickey Mouse

Olivia has a new love for Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald.

Like it's almost scary how much she loves those characters.

When I heard that Mickey and Minnie on Ice was coming to town I knew that Olivia would love it.

Ella on the other hand had no desire to all!

So last weekend Olivia got to see her favorite mice and ducks skate around on ice.

I took a few pictures before we left, she was so excited. She told us so herself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Angry Birds

Ella was out of school last Friday so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. Ella was so excited that her friend Emily was able to go with us.

From the moment we got to the zoo all Olivia wanted to do was see the Angry Birds. She really likes to play it on my phone, but she seriously thought it was the name of a real bird. We made our way to the birds and the bees exhibit, where you can pay $1 and get a stick with some bird feed on it to feed the birds.

Emily was not scared at all to hold the stick.

Olivia wanted to try, but as soon as I gave it to her and stepped back to take a picture she got scared and dropped it. Poor birds.

Ella eventually decided she would try it, but I don't think she loved it.

The birds sure loved it though.

I think Olivia found her Angry Birds when one of those birds pooped right on Emily's shoulder.

Poor Emily.

Ella was gagging and saying how gross it was.

I was doing the same thing, secretly.

I didn't have anything to wipe it up with and we weren't close to a bathroom. All I had was a zoo map that Emily picked up as we entered the zoo. We wiped it up the best we could with the map and then found someone that had some baby wipes. Just to be certain we put hand sanitizer all over her shoulder. The whole time Emily kept saying it's okay, it's just a little bird poop.

So yes, our zoo has Angry Birds and you need to be careful because they poop on you!

We also played peek-a-boo with an orangutan.

We watched the sea lions.

And we saw the giraffes.

I think everybody had a good time and Olivia keeps asking to go back to see the Angry Birds...we will have to remember an umbrella next time to protect us.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big Apple

Last week Ken had to go to New York for work and I was lucky enough to tag along. I have to admit I was very anxious about leaving Ella and Olivia, but I am so glad I went. While Ken went to his meetings I went shopping! I had fun walking around by myself, looking at whatever I wanted. I even went to a fabric store. They had stacks and stacks of fabric, but it was all way overpriced.

I went to the American Girl store for Ella. Then Fossil to look for a watch for Ken, which prompted a text from me to Ken realizing that there was no clearance section on 5th Avenue and that we weren't in Tennessee anymore (later we went to Century 21 where he found himself a And of course I had to take a picture of the wooden escalators at Macy's for Ken, since he is an elevator/escalator man.

Ken and I were able to ride on the Subway, take Taxis, take a train from Penn Station, ride on The Ride (a unique bus tour that was hilarious and unpredictable) and walk blocks and blocks and blocks (we should have not cared about how we looked and wore tennis shoes).

We also were able to go to the new 9/11 Memorial site. It wasn't open to the public yet, but we were able to see it from a bridge. It was very impressive. Since it was the 10th Anniversary there were several events going on in Battery Park to honor the victims.

Of course there was a heavier Police presence because of the reported threats. It was interesting to watch all the taxis, cars and buses get inspected at all the road blocks. Even though there were Police Officers everywhere and we were very aware of the threats it didn't feel weird or scary.

This however was both weird and scary...

We also saw the naked cowboy, sorry no picture, I am sure you are disappointed.

Ah...Times Square. I could have sat all day and people watched here.

Is there a Walgreens on every corner in your town? We always joke about it here and in case you doubted it, there is in fact a Walgreens on every corner, including Times Square, like the building that the famous screens are attached to is a huge multi-level Walgreens. Who would have thought! I have to say it was convenient and the prices weren't really marked up like I thought they would have been.

So maybe we did stay all day and people watch.

I think Ken's favorite thing was The Statue of Liberty. It is pretty amazing, especially when you read all the little facts that are posted all around. On a side note we bought Olivia a little rubber duck that's dressed up like The Statue of Liberty at the gift shop and that girl has carried that silly duck around with her ever since. She keeps saying "my present, mommy and daddy at New York", it sounds so sweet coming from her. Best of all the little duck was less than 6 dollars. We also bought Ella's class a fun fact book about The Statue of Liberty and I almost didn't want to give it away because I liked it.

Of course we did all the other things that you should do in New York like...

find a celebrity...

(not really, it's the wax museum)

walk on Wall Street...

see the Empire State Building...

take random pictures of yourself...

pretend your flying with Mary Poppins...

and just enjoy the city...

We saw a Broadway Show (The Addams Family) which was so good and we ate at an over-priced restaurant.

We crammed a lot of activities into 4 days and enjoyed every minute of it.

Sometimes I get jealous when Ken gets to travel a lot (like how he has been in New Orleans this week), but I'd say it worked out pretty great for me this time! I might have to start tagging along more often.

*Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. I only carried my nice camera around one afternoon, it just got too heavy. Most of the pictures were taken with my phone or my point and shoot. Also it makes a big difference when you don't have your super cute kids with you to stick in all your pictures. Oh and it's difficult to take a picture of yourself in front of something, neither one of our arms were really long enough :) And I just noticed we always stand on the same sides when taking a picture.