Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Angry Birds

Ella was out of school last Friday so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. Ella was so excited that her friend Emily was able to go with us.

From the moment we got to the zoo all Olivia wanted to do was see the Angry Birds. She really likes to play it on my phone, but she seriously thought it was the name of a real bird. We made our way to the birds and the bees exhibit, where you can pay $1 and get a stick with some bird feed on it to feed the birds.

Emily was not scared at all to hold the stick.

Olivia wanted to try, but as soon as I gave it to her and stepped back to take a picture she got scared and dropped it. Poor birds.

Ella eventually decided she would try it, but I don't think she loved it.

The birds sure loved it though.

I think Olivia found her Angry Birds when one of those birds pooped right on Emily's shoulder.

Poor Emily.

Ella was gagging and saying how gross it was.

I was doing the same thing, secretly.

I didn't have anything to wipe it up with and we weren't close to a bathroom. All I had was a zoo map that Emily picked up as we entered the zoo. We wiped it up the best we could with the map and then found someone that had some baby wipes. Just to be certain we put hand sanitizer all over her shoulder. The whole time Emily kept saying it's okay, it's just a little bird poop.

So yes, our zoo has Angry Birds and you need to be careful because they poop on you!

We also played peek-a-boo with an orangutan.

We watched the sea lions.

And we saw the giraffes.

I think everybody had a good time and Olivia keeps asking to go back to see the Angry Birds...we will have to remember an umbrella next time to protect us.


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