Monday, October 3, 2011

The One That Wouldn't Let Go

Ella has had two very loose teeth for several weeks, but they just wouldn't come out. They were looking, well....awful. So bad that strangers would make a comment about them. I finally took a picture yesterday. They aren't the best because I used my phone, but you can see how silly they looked...

She has been trying to pull them out, she has even made several trips to see her old Kindergarten teacher (remember she is the best tooth puller), but they wouldn't come out.

Well, a minute after I took those pictures Ken pulled her over to him and was joking about yanking them out. Would you believe she said her mouth was bleeding and Ken looked and one of those teeth were laying on the floor. She had hit her mouth on a button on his shirt and made it fall out!

After that she kept trying to hit her mouth again to make the other one come out, but it just wouldn't let go!


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