Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweet Olivia???

Ella and Olivia have gotten into a sweet little habit of laying in Ella's bed together until they fall asleep. The other night when I went in to move Olivia to her room I saw this...

So sweet, right?

Well they aren't always so loving to each other. Tonight when Ken was saying prayers with them (in Ella's room) Ella was praying "Dear God please help Olivia not to be grouchy", Olivia chimed in "no, no tell me what to do Ella".

She is also known to say "no, no tell me be quiet Ella" and the ever so subtle "no, no tell me no no Ella"

Olivia may look all cute and innocent...

but don't let her fool you. That girl is giving us a run for our money!


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