Friday, November 4, 2011

Taylor Swift And Halloween

Sunday was a day that Ella had been anticipating for a long time. It was the night of the Taylor Swift concert!

I was pretty much as excited as she was (okay maybe I was a little more excited). Our seats were kinda to the side of the stage, but they were pretty good. Our friends Melissa and Andrea also went to the concert so we rode together and went to eat before the concert. Ella had a great time! I am so glad we were able to go.

While we were at the concert Ken and Olivia went to the trunk or treat at our church. I am so proud of Ken because not only did he take Olivia by himself he also attempted to decorate his trunk and remembered to take a picture or two!

Monday morning I woke up early to finish my Halloween costume for work. Everyone was dressed and ready to leave for school and work and then it happened...

out of the blue...

the great stomach virus of 2011 hit me. Seriously I was totally fine one second and then hugging the toilet for the next 3 days!

Needless to say I was not able to go trick or treating that night.

Luckily Ella and Olivia have a wonderful dad that got them all dressed up in their costumes and took them around to friends and families houses to get lots of candy.

And he even took a picture, because he knows that is important to me!

Then he packed up and went out of town on a business trip for 48 of those 72 hours that I was hugging the toilet.

Good Times.

My mom was able to help me with the kiddos some and Jessica came over (responded to a desperate text one morning) and got them ready for school (because I couldn't move).

Now he is back home and I am praying that no one else gets sick. Hopefully my Lysol can and bunches of Clorox wipes took care of all the germs.


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