Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk Or Treat And Pumpkin Carving

On Saturday we went to Trunk Or Treat at Ashton and Alec's school. Ella really wanted to be a witch this year so I made her a tutu skirt and we used one of her old dance costumes that happened to match perfectly. Olivia was a peacock (I thought she looked like she came out of the 80's).

After Trunk Or Treat we had the Tennyson and Mercer families over to eat some snacks and carve pumpkins. Shea made some really cute fingers and bones. I made the witch cupcakes and attempted to make a cake that looked like our plates and napkins. It wasn't perfect, but it tasted good.

I bought some face stickers for Olivia and Emerson, since they were too little to carve a pumpkin.

The kids were much better at carving than they were a few years ago. I think it helped that Ken did a lot of the prep work earlier in the day (cut the tops and scraped the inside). All the kids had to do was pick a design and start carving. Luckily everyone still had all their fingers when we finished...that's how I measure pumpkin carving success!

All the finished pumpkins!

Did you let your kids carve pumpkins this year? What tips do you have to make it easier and to prevent cuts!


Anonymous said...

Fun! I love the cake! :)

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