Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am so behind!

Before it gets too late in the year I guess I should post a few Christmas pictures.

We made our annual trip to Bass Pro to see Santa. Honestly, the only time we go to Bass Pro is to take Santa and Easter Bunny pictures.

Ella made sure that she had her list ready, she also helped Olivia with her list.

I didn't take a picture of the actual Santa visit with my camera, but I did get "take 2" of Olivia from behind. The first time she went up to him with Ella, but was a little nervous. The second time she went alone, but still didn't want to sit in his lap. At least she didn't cry this year.

Ella had an interesting wish list...Taylor Swift Calendar, Ring Pops, white socks from Gymboree with little bows on the back (odd, I know), orange Tic Tacs, purple bike helmet and an iPad 2. When she was writing out her list she asked if I thought Santa would know that she wanted an iPad 2, not 2 iPad's. I was sure that he would know what she meant ;) And I was super happy that she knows how great Apple products are :)

All Olivia really asked for was a Minnie Mouse and Daisy and a Minnie Mouse Costume.

She refuses to wear her Minnie costume.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Saddest Gingerbread House...Ever

Please know that I had nothing to do with this sad little house you are about to see. I even had to sit on my hands at one point because I wanted to fix it...but I didn't.

Before Christmas Ken told Ella that he wanted to make a gingerbread house with her. I didn't want to buy them one of those little kits that make gingerbread houses turn out pretty cute. Nope we couldn't have just done that.

We kept putting it off until a few days before Christmas when we were at my grandparents house. Ken, Ella and Olivia got out some graham crackers and canned frosting and gathered up any random candy and sprinkles they could find and made the following sad gingerbread house.

Oh and please excuse the bed head and pajamas.

Next year we will be buying a kit!

And I might just have to step in and fix it.