Friday, January 6, 2012

The Saddest Gingerbread House...Ever

Please know that I had nothing to do with this sad little house you are about to see. I even had to sit on my hands at one point because I wanted to fix it...but I didn't.

Before Christmas Ken told Ella that he wanted to make a gingerbread house with her. I didn't want to buy them one of those little kits that make gingerbread houses turn out pretty cute. Nope we couldn't have just done that.

We kept putting it off until a few days before Christmas when we were at my grandparents house. Ken, Ella and Olivia got out some graham crackers and canned frosting and gathered up any random candy and sprinkles they could find and made the following sad gingerbread house.

Oh and please excuse the bed head and pajamas.

Next year we will be buying a kit!

And I might just have to step in and fix it.


JP said...

It looks great! We bought a kit and I couldn't get it to stay together or the roof to stay up. I finally gave up and left the roof off and they decorated the inside to.

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