Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Okay, I am realizing that I don't really take pictures of anything except my kids. So here are several pictures of Ella and Olivia at Animal Kingdom.

What do you know, here's a picture of me and Ken that Ella took. She was supposed to get the tree of life in the background, you will just have to imagine it behind us.

Oh and look, a few pictures of animals that we saw on the safari! If you look close at the first one you can see a lion sleeping on his back with all four paws straight up in the air.

I guess I had a few pictures of "stuff" after all. Don't worry though, I've got lots more kid pictures!

Ella's favorite was probably the Kali River Rapids and Olivia seemed to enjoy the Lion King show. I think I have to agree with Olivia about the Lion King, but I also liked It's Tough To Be A Bug. Ken thinks his favorite would have been Expedition Everest, but he couldn't convince Ella to ride it with him, so he passed.


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